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What 1031 DST Properties Do You Have Available for Exchange?

| May 01, 2018
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What 1031 DST Properties Do You Have Available for Exchange?

Last week I had a CPA ask what types of properties I had available for tax deferred 1031 DST Exchanges. Even though this varies from week to week, at that time there were five offerings open and available.

Because DST offerings are limited, as well as being offered nationwide, they tend to sell out fairly quickly - usually weeks or months, not years.

We commonly do have a selection of property types - apartment, retail, office, medical office, industrial, self-storage and student housing - available for exchange.

Because of the ever-changing list of DST properties please call us for our current inventory.

Could a 1031 DST make sense with your specific circumstances? Deferring taxes on highly- appreciated investment property can be a long-term wealth builder. If you have any questions about 1031 DST Exchanges or want info on our current DST offerings, please contact me, Dave Pimper, at 1-800-727-1031 or at

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This type of investment is subject to risks, including those real estate risks associated with the operation and leasing of retail properties. These investments are for Accredited Investors only. There can be no assurance the investment objectives will be achieved.

This material is neither an offer to sell nor the solicitation of an offer to buy any security, which can be made only by the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), filed or registered with appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies, and sold only by broker/dealers authorized to do so.

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